Natural Language Generation Toolkit

We have developed in partnership with the University of Ottawa, a Natural Language Generation (NLG) toolkit for content creation. This easy-to-use toolkit enables cutting-edge NLG technology to be applied in industrial settings reliably, without technology risks.

NLG is used to automatically create textual customer-specific feedback that is derived directly from data such as event logs, simulation logic or mathematical models.

These data scenarios are characterized by large state-spaces and thus would normally result in massive content generation requirements. NLG makes it possible to create the required content automatically, by directly structuring and generating customer feedback messages from the underlying data.

Thus, NLG enhances maintainability, clarifies messaging, and enhances your software's value to the customer.

The NLG technology also packages the generated content for easy integration into your software or simulation.

In the projects implemented to date, the NLG toolkit has automatically generated 99% of the required content.

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