Soft Skills Training

Whyz Technologies offers a suite of immersive simulations designed to be used as a learning aid to supplement instructor-led training for improving soft skills. Soft-skills cannot be learned from a book, and generally are acquired through experience, mentorship and are a function of an individual's maturity.

Soft-skills can account for 90% of an individual's career success and professional effectiveness. The good news is that soft skills are learnable.

To enhance their soft-skills, students have to be encouraged to engage in role-plays (typically done in pairs) in order to practice the concepts they’ve learned in the classroom. Our simulations are designed to provide a virtual role-play experience for students, and could be deployed in either face-to-face or online learning environments.

This tool is not designed for knowledge transfer (i.e., explaining the basic concepts and principles of the soft-skills being taught), but as a “sandbox” for people to play in, and try out different strategies and techniques. The assumption being made here is that students have already been exposed to various knowledge areas regarding negotiation, critical thinking, persuasion, or conflict resolutions, and that an instructor will use our simulations as a starting point for class discussions and to elaborate on learning points.

The time commitments for the training that we provide in fundamental soft-skills are designed to be manageable for busy executives.

  • The participants will require 2 hours pre-testing (using the simulations) 1 week prior to training

  • 1-2 hours online knowledge transfer of concepts prior to training

  • 4-12 hours in class (depending on time constraints for the organization involved – 4 hours would involve minimal role-play experience, 12 hours would involve everything, including follow-up simulation use and testing)

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