media monitoring solution

Whyz technologies has an exclusive agreement with to commercialize our media monitoring capabilities.

With our solution, you have access to the following capabilities:

  • Comprehensive solution that can automatically monitor North American news media for fresh content
  • Fine grained control that allows you to select a targeted subset of the media to monitor
  • Highly interactive self-service monitoring setup that enables high-coverage, high-accuracy tracking of topics that you need to know about
  • On-the-fly sentiment model creation guaranteed to be more precise than generic models
  • Advanced visualization analyst toolkit that enables a one-glance update on how your organization, brand or tracked-concept is viewed by the media
  • Sophisticated drill-down capability that enables multi-criteria filtering, to isolate and access a set of published media articles that discus a specific concept
  • Alerting services that inform you when new topics of interest emerge that you cannot afford to not know about

If you would like to learn more about how the Whyz/Gnowit media monitoring technology can provide you the timely market intelligence you need please give us a call at +1.613.263.8009 or email us at

We offer free one hour consultation session over the phone, and are happy to provide site visits under a reasonably priced technology readiness assessment contract.